Growing ContentUK #1

March 23, 2021

Hello! I'm going to document my journey of growing my ContentUK community for the next few weeks.

This is part of the community course i'm doing. Task 1 is to build in public, hence this post!

These will be short & sweet just chatting about the progress. Mainly to help clarify my thoughts :)

I'm working on making the ContentUK experience A+++ over the next few months so I’ve joined the course as I ❤️ Rosie Sherry’s approach to community building; community-for-good coexisting alongside business growth.

ContentUK's background

A bit about ContentUK, firstly. This started in June 2019 in a London pub.

I’d been a UK content marketer for years but rarely met others with my job IRL. I began organising monthly meetups in London to meet content folks and loved it!

I transitioned this into a remote paid community in Sept 2020 as a lockdown project :).

I think my years of experience of working in content (both inhouse, freelance & agency-side) and previously being a community manager, puts me in a unique position to empathise with those working in content, understand the content ecosystem and build a community that genuinely serves them.

Current state of ContentUK

  • 50+ members
  • Monthly webinars teaching content wisdom
  • 18 workshop & Q&A recordings in the Learning Hub
  • Monthly ContentUK Chats; small group Zoom discussions about different topics
  • Active, close-knit Slack group
  • Members Area with templates, resources, discounts

The ContentUK Vision 

A friendly space for UK inhouse, freelance, and agency content professionals to flourish

ContentUK, long-term, is the space for UK content professionals to:

  • Meet like-minded content humans to collaborate with
  • Safely chat about challenges in their role and come up with solutions as a hive mind
  • Learn about the top tactics and trends in content
  • Share top-notch content opportunities like jobs, resources, speaking opportunities, templates
  • Access a knowledge bank - an organised curation of resources & templates to help content folks in their jobs
  • Elevate minority groups in content - network, content knowledge & soft skills
  • Have fun along the way!

I'm building this organically and prioritising work-life balance (as much as possible!). Slow growth > hustle culture and burnout.

Task this week 

Back to basics!

In order to take the ContentUK experience up a notch, firstly I need to listen, listen, listen.

There are SO many things I want to implement. But, as a one person team, I need to make sure I prioritise what will add the most value to members.

I'm going to speak to content folks inside & outside the community:

  • Organise 3 chats with current members: get feedback about their ContentUK experience so far
  • Organise 3 chats with UK content professionals outside the community: hear about challenges in their role, aspirations, what will help them thrive


Hello if you are reading this and are a UK content professional!

If you fancy having a chat about your current challenges and aspirations, I’d love to have a call :D :

Also feel free to subscribe below for more updates as i go through the community course.

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