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B2B Webinar Production

Unleash the Power of Webinars for your B2B Startup

Webinars are an excellent platform to connect with your audience, showcase your expertise, and generate leads for your business.

If you're unsure about where to start, I've got you covered 🙂

I offer three packages to cater to your needs: End-to-End Webinar Series Management, Webinar Pilots, and Webinar Strategy Consultancy.

Choose your ideal package to kick-start your webinar journey:

End-to-End Webinar Series Management: A full-fledged package to launch a series of webinars; taking care of your webinar strategy from inception to execution.

Webinar Pilot: A one-off package to test the waters, including a bespoke webinar strategy and end-to-end webinar management for a single webinar.

Webinar Strategy Consultancy: A package for those who need guidance on integrating webinars into their marketing strategy.

Looking for someone to host your webinar?

I also offer a hosting add-on service where I leverage my extensive hosting experience to provide an engaging experience for speakers and attendees.
Work with me

Why Work with Christina

With 9 years of experience and 60+ successful webinars under my belt, I've helped B2B companies like Grizzle, Soldo, and VEED to launch webinars.

I have the expertise to help you navigate the webinar space and generate leads for your business. Don't just take my word for it! Here are some stats and examples:

Launching VEED's live and on-demand webinars (current project)

Webinar series for ContentUK: Successfully managed and hosted over 40 webinars, attracting top speakers like Amanda Natividad, Kirsty Hulse, April Dunford, Harry Dry, and Tim Soulo.

Webinar pilot for Grizzle: Planned, executed, and launched a pilot webinar in just 4 weeks, resulting in 90 registrants, 40 attendees, and 1 consultation request from an ICP.

LinkedIn Live series for the FinTech Soldo.

ContentUK's YouTube channel - a sample of webinars I ran and hosted for ContentUK

Hubbub webinar series: Generated 237 B2B leads in 8 weeks through webinars.

List of Webinars Organised and Hosted for ContentUK

A list of ContentUK webinars

LinkedIn Video Snippet and Webinar Examples

End-to-End Webinar Series Management

Looking to integrate webinars into your marketing strategy but don't have the time or experience to manage it all? I've got you covered! From setting the strategy to managing every detail of your webinar series to ensure you get lots of sign-ups. This package includes:

Strategy: This is where we define your webinar approach, from topics, format and speaker ideation to goal setting, defining metrics, tech stack recommendations, creating a webinar calendar and a promotion plan.

Planning and Promotion: I'll assist you in generating regular attendance from your target audience, managing guest speaker outreach, creating registration pages, designing webinar questions and agenda, crafting social posts and email communications to registrants.

Post-Event Distribution: This includes adding captions to recordings, creating social media snippets, writing LinkedIn copy, and sending post-event emails.

Work with me

Webinar Pilot

Curious about the benefits of webinars for your B2B startup, but aren't quite sure if it's the right fit or don't know where to start?

A webinar pilot could be your perfect low-risk solution 🙂.

With this service, I'll develop a custom strategy for your business and manage the entire process for a single webinar pilot.

This service mirrors the offerings of the series management described above, but is designed for a one-off webinar.

Webinar Strategy Consultancy

If you're interested in webinars but aren't sure how to weave them into your marketing strategy, the Webinar Strategy Consultancy package is designed for you.

Here's what you get:

Webinar Strategy Consultancy: I work with you to develop your own customised strategy that lays out a clear path for your webinar series.

This includes everything from topic, format and speaker ideation to goal setting, defining metrics, tech stack recommendations and a promotion plan. This roadmap gives you a solid foundation for your future webinars.

Tailored Advice: You're not in this alone! I will be here to guide you through the roadmap, offering personalised recommendations and professional advice based on my extensive experience in webinar strategy.

You'll be fully equipped to kickstart your webinars.

Webinar Hosting Add-On

Make your webinars run smoothly and professionally with my Webinar Hosting add-on service :)

As your host, I bring my wealth of experience to the table to ensure an engaging experience for all attendees.

Pre-webinar Preparation: I conduct pre-webinar tech checks to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

This includes coordinating with guest speakers and making sure they're comfortable and prepared for their webinar.

Host Duties: During the webinar, I'll interview the guest, manage all attendee questions and ensure a smooth transition between different sections of the event.

I'll work closely with you to make sure your brand values and messages are conveyed perfectly.

Opening and closing the webinar: I'll take care of introducing speakers, time tracking, and making sure the session ends on a high note :)

Work with me

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